The Basics

House sitting is a cooperative win-win relationship built on trust.  Most commonly sitters care for homes and pets according to the instructions of the homeowner or renter, and in return, sitters live in the home for free. In the vast majority of cases, house sitting is done on a no-cash exchanged basis. Each house sitting assignment can be as different as homes, or pets, or people can be from one another. What they all have in common however is that the homeowner is entrusting you, the house sitter, with much of what is precious to him or her. Your honesty, reliability and trustworthiness are therefore Job #1.

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Why do homeowners want house sitters?

The most common reason homeowners want house sitters is to allow their pets to be cared for in their own home, rather than be transported or kept in a kennel. It’s the healthiest solution for pets and keeps them happiest. Many sitters report the pets they’ve come to know and love are the best part of the best job they’ve ever had. That’s just another way this is a win-win relationship.

Right behind pet care, we’ve found homeowners are often motivated to have sitters for security concerns. It’s true in Mexico as it is the world over: unoccupied homes are simply more often targeted for burglary. For a house sitter, just “being there” maintaining a presence in the home is part of the job.

In third place on the list of “why have a house sitter” are issues that be summarized as “home maintenance”. When homeowners return from their time away, they want to see that their pets are happy, their plants are healthy and the house looks just like they left it. Having a sitter in residence means that should a pipe break, or the roof leak, or the electricity go out (as does happen) a responsible person will be there to respond

Why house sit?

House sitting is not only a great way to travel affordably. It is a way to experience Mexico more authentically. As a house sitter you can take in Mexico at a slower pace, or “test drive” what it would be like to live in Mexico. Think how much you’ll save and the experience you’ll have by “living like a local”, and compare that to “the cultural bubble” of resorts and hotels.

For those contemplating a move to Mexico in their future, there is simply no better way than house sitting to learn what your choices are – before making a “big move”. We think of house sitting as “experiential research”.  It is an easy, low-cost way to figure out whether a move to Mexico is right for you — and WHERE in Mexico you might be happiest.

Lots of house sitting opportunities

According to the Mexican National Census of 2010, there were 738,103 American and 7,943 Canadian year round residents of Mexico.* Not reflected in this census are literally hundreds of thousands of “Snow Birds” who come down for the winter months. Therefore it’s estimated that over one million expats from just these two countries make a home in Mexico.  That’s a lot of homes, a lot of households, and a great many pets who need the services of house sitters.  HouseSitMexico strives to satisfy this need.

*These statistics illustrate the size of just the North American English speaking community in Mexico, as quantified by the census. At HouseSitMexico we welcome all nationalities!

Do you want to house sit “anywhere”… or somewhere in Mexico?

The Internet has quite a few websites for house sitters. HouseSitMexico, however, is just what our name implies. Fortunately for us, that seems to work for quite a few people. It particularly works for our homeowners. For both the house sitters who are in Mexico AND those who have their hearts set on being there, HouseSitMexico is your source for house sitting assignments in Mexico — offering far more house sits IN MEXICO than any international service.

Homeowners know that every single one of our house sitters, by virtue of their membership, is someone who wants to house sit in Mexico. Our exclusive focus on Mexico is what lets us develop this service to serve our common interests, those of both homeowners and house sitters, and share a true sense of appreciation for what it’s like to live in Mexico.

From Baja California to the beaches of Quintana Roo, HouseSitMexico is your connection to homeowners and renters all over Mexico who are looking for house and pet sitters. From luxury condos in a city, to an off-grid palapa on the beach, you can find a variety of homes and lifestyles. Which one is speaking to you?


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JOIN US and Then These Are Your Next Steps

Once you’re a member of HouseSitMexico, you’ll have a DASHBOARD when you LOG IN. DASHBOARDS are where Homeowners/Renters can create LISTINGS for house sitting assignments, House Sitters can create a PROFILE to introduce themselves, and both types of members can send and receive PRIVATE MESSAGES. Using your DASHBOARD is key to how you as a member use HouseSitMexico. Here are “next steps” for house sitter/members:

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STEP ONE: Create Your Profile
Your Profile serves to introduce you to homeowners: A link to your Profile goes out with the messages you send, applying for house sits that are online. But there are always also some homeowner/members who like to “scout” for their sitters on the website themselves, instead of listing a house sitting assignment and getting applications. In both cases, your Profile is an important “tool” to help you land the house sitting assignments you want.

In Your Dashboard, click on Your Profile. That’s where you can be guided by our form to tell about yourself and hopefully convey why a homeowner should choose YOU as their sitter!

Please include a Profile photo of yourself. (You with a pet is even better!) You can choose a different image, but remember you’re an applicant for a position, so please choose well.

To put your best foot forward, please complete your Profile before applying. Completed Profiles have an “ad” in our “Find a House Sitter” section, where many homeowners “shop” to find their ideal sitter. Only members of HouseSitMexico can access your Profile. A link to your Profile appears in messages you send. Please also note that if you wish to Deactivate your profile for a time, you may do so by saving it as a Draft (not Completed). It will still be linked to messages you send, but will not have an ad in our Find a Sitter section.

STEP TWO: Apply for a House Sit
On each active listing you’ll see a button that allows you to contact the homeowner. This is how you apply for house sitting assignments. The homeowner will receive a “Message Alert” email with a link they can follow to easily receive and respond to your message. Likewise, when they reply, you’ll also receive a “Message Alert”. The homeowner and you can communicate this way through the Message Center until together you agree to be in direct contact, such as through phone, Skype or direct email. Please consult our House Sitters’ FAQ for more information.

STEP THREE: Do a good job
House and pet sitting requires honesty and reliability on the part of the sitter. Much has been written on the topic, with books and websites offering advice as to how to be a good sitter. Take your responsibility seriously and earn wonderful references that make getting future house sits even easier.


We want you to have a successful experience house sitting in Mexico! If at any time you have questions we can help with, please contact us either through our online Chat or via email directly to (