Mexico’s house and pet sitting membership website, offers members the experience of a Win-Win-Win exchange.  Sitters sit for free (in exchange for a free place to stay);  those who have homes in Mexico can have peace of mind their home and pets are cared for; and their PETS are the biggest winners of all, being able to stay home, with the care and attention of a live-in sitter, while their owners travel. provides online access to hundreds of house sitter Profiles, complete with sitter’s background, experience, references and photos.  The fastest, most efficient way to connect is for house sitting assignments to be published online.  Instantly, HouseSitMexico sends email notifications to every member, and a Weekly Digest of available house sits to hundreds more.  Members use confidential, in-system messaging to both apply for house sits and converse, leading up to a direct interview (to be done by phone, online video call, and sometimes in person).

With over a third of our sitters indicating they are already in Mexico, being able to fill even last minute and short term house sits becomes possible, as well as much longer, and even open-ended assignments.  By providing all the functionality of a big international house sitting platform, but strictly focusing on serving both those in Mexico and those wishing to be there, HouseSitMexico strives to be a valuable resource to a community we are part of.  While we focus on providing excellent customer service, fostering connections and facilitating communication, we hope to build a sense of community among us: we who live in Mexico, moved to Mexico, love to visit Mexico, or long to explore it.

The tabs above are full of good information which we hope you’ll see.  Then browse through all our major sections, including our FAQ’s.

Join us!  We hope HouseSitMexico proves to be an extraordinarily valuable resource for you.

The HouseSitMexico Team