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“Time Traveling” in Mexico

  One of my favorite things about house sitting in Mexico is the magical experience of going back in time. The Mexico that appears to move more slowly toward its future is the Mexico that I love. Countless expats, after years of living in fast paced North American or European cities, share this fascination with

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Housesitting…is that a real thing?

About 17 years ago, when my wife Susan and I were still working full-time, we first heard about house-sitting. We stumbled across a publication that was dedicated to caretaking, and it sounded like something we might enjoy. It sounded so unbelievable that we weren’t even sure if it was a real thing. Let’s get this

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Preparing for house sitters in your home

If you are reading this article, you are probably a conscientious home-owner, getting ready to leave your home and pets in the care of a house-sitter. You have vetted the sitters thoroughly, had Skype calls and lots of emails, confirmed the dates, determined the pay (if any) and security deposits (usually not), and now it

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