Discovering Tepoztlán

After many fabulous sits in the Yucatan Peninsula, we are now on assignment in Tepoztlán. It is one of the less known “Pueblo Magicos”, in the state of Morelos. Even at 5,000 feet altitude, we are surrounded by soaring mountains. The climate is warm and dry and the village attracts many affluent visitors from Mexico City. After the quiet week days, we are experiencing a bustling El Centro on the weekends and holidays. Some streets close and merchants from surrounding areas display their crafts and colorful clothes. There are a variety of food stalls to enjoy, and exotic home-made ice cream to sample.

What we appreciate the most about living here for 6 weeks, is the abundance of affordable vegetarian restaurants, health food stores with organic products, and open markets overflowing with fresh produce, seeds, nuts and grains. This village is focused on well- being and offers Spa treatments, healing massages, tarot readings, reiki, aromatherapy, and more.

The surrounding mountains are rich in Quartz deposits and many of the 14,000 inhabitants believe the valley holds special powers. As we stroll through town we catch glimpses of an Aztec pyramid atop the mountain. We rose to the challenge and make the accent. The climb was long but the view was breathtaking.

We are very pleased to write a blog for HouseSitMexico platform. We joined this group because of the special attention Alex gives her members and because we love Mexico and want to continue discovering the many treasures of this awesome country.

Johanne and Doug are full time house sitters with more than 20 months on the road. They love their lifestyle where home-owners, pets and house-sitters are winners.

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  1. Sandy Larson on

    Wonderful article! Although I have no idea how to pronounce the name of that town, you painted great pictures with words. Enjoyed the beautiful photos also.

    ~ Newbie at the gate,

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