Bringing Your Own Dog to House Sit

Is it possible to travel with your own dog whilst sitting and traveling?  YES!!!  We have found that it is easier than we thought, especially with a little planning ahead, research, and, most importantly, letting go of some fear and worry!  We need to give a big shout-out to for helping make this fantastic lifestyle possible by connecting like-minded owners and sitters who all like to travel and love animals.

Because this is our full-time lifestyle, and we do not have a permanent home, our only option is to take our Australian Shepherd, Doc, with us everywhere.  Of course, it was easier with our own car in the States, to get from point A to point B.  To get to Mexico, we flew with Doc in the baggage hold (one of the shortest direct routes – San Diego to Puerto Vallarta), and we travel long distances using a private Mexican driver.  With the money we save doing sits, we can afford this.  We understand some of the bus lines will take dogs in their crate in the baggage hold, and we plan to test this out on a shorter trip.

As a couple applying for sits, we are a favored combination, but Doc does help determine whether or not we are chosen for a sit.  Sometimes it’s disappointing if an owner is not game to welcome Doc, but we like to tell ourselves that that simply opens up a window for another sit that is more right for all of us.  We have completed over 50 sits since 2017, and all of the owners have given us 5-star reviews with great comments about Doc.  And, we are now confirmed for several other sits in Mexico throughout this year and into 2022 – we have had the most fun time meeting owners and their animals ahead of booking to confirm everyone will get along great.  This is easier to do in the Lake Chapala area and other ex-pat communities, of course, compared to applying for sits in another part of Mexico.

Very importantly, we make sure owners understand upfront that the three of us are a package deal.  We never apply to a sit without mentioning Doc.  Nobody wants to waste their time, especially owners who often have other applicants to consider.

Doc has helped bring other animals out of their shells, learn to play, and increase their sociability (great for owners who are considering adding another dog to their household).  He is protective of his new pack, especially smaller dogs, and he provides a nice security measure whether or not a human is at home.  We state these benefits in Doc’s section of our profile.

Not all dogs are as adaptable, healthy and even-keeled as Doc, who is 10 years old, so that is something to keep in mind if you’re a sitter reading this.  However, don’t think that your dog has to be perfectly behaved either.  Doc doesn’t dig, jump on people, chew shoes or furniture, and he obeys commands, but he will completely enjoy himself ripping the stuffing from any toy with a squeaker, and he will gobble up any dog or cat food left at below-table level.

We hope this helps sitters like us who are wondering if they can travel with their dog, and maybe some owners reading this will get some questions answered, too.  Safe and fun travels to all!