I have been a member of HouseSitMexico for about 3 years now and have seen their services and website go from good to superb!  I am especially grateful for the personalized and rapid response to the clients’ requests.  As a person of the non computer generation I have relied heavily on their help with photo files and other more technical aspects as well as their expert advice.

My experience with sitters found through their website has always been the best. They seem to draw only the most reliable, caring and educated people and I can truthfully say that i have been thoroughly satisfied by the results.

My 3 cats have never had to suffer from my absences, just the contrary they get quite attached to the sitters so I need not feel guilty for having left them behind, I want to especially thank Alex for her professionalism and expert advice and for giving all of us pet owners a chance to get away from time to time.

Joyce N Homeowner