Gail and Randy were our house and pet sitters from Nov. 20 thru Nov. 24. We found them via HouseSitMexico. I can’t tell you how lucky we were to have them. They took fine care of our house and even had a meal waiting for us upon our return. Overall their service was very professional and first rate.

Of particular worthy of mention was their pet care which was above and beyond what one could expect. Specifically, they came over a day early to introduce themselves and meet our two dogs. While they were taking the dogs out for an introductory walk, one of the dogs was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull. It took Randy and Gail and several other people quite a while to get the pit bull to release his bite. Our dog’s ear was severely damaged. Randy was also bitten, requiring medical attention. Our dog was rushed to the Vet who stitched up his badly torn ear, part of which was in tatters and had to be surgically removed. We left the dogs in Randy and Gail’s care as planned for the next 5 days. They reported that our dog was quite traumatized for the next 2 or3 days before getting back to his old cheerful self.

Don’t know what we would have done without them.

Patrick and Mary Ann W.

Mary Ann W Homeowner