HouseSitMexico has turned out to be one of the most valued resources for our life in Mexico. What could be more personal and sensitive than someone staying in your home ensuring its safety and security? Even more important is the care of our little loved ones who can stay in the comfort of their home. Though you may have the best of services to visit, walk, and feed your pets, nothing is like having someone there to attend to their hour to hour physical and emotional needs.
I have never used a house-sit service before and was, honestly, a little nervous about looking into it. But this has turned out to be the best experience my little angels and I have had. The administrator was helpful with quick responses about any question I had beyond the thorough development of the site. Everything was easy, even for a newbie.
I made the decision to use HouseSitMexico two weeks before a trip to the States. With such short notice, I was not confident that I could find someone, or someone could find me. My back-up, usual plan, was ready to go if nothing turned up.
Well, within seven hours of posting, I had a fabulous response with more detail about the sitters than I have with some of my friends! Even though the first response was the one my instinct felt was perfect,
I received four more responses within 12 hours. All of the responses reflected people who were excited to come with so little notice. Their information reflected individuals, couples, and families who were experienced in house sitting all over the world! They were all well-vetted and provided a great deal of information about themselves beyond their profiles on HouseSitMexico.
The house-sitters we chose were perfect for us, our home, and our dogs. Especially important to me was their knowledge about caring for animals with disabilities. They made the transition so easy for us as we had an early, early morning flight, and we enjoyed spending time with them before we left. My dogs immediately took to them, and that is not so usual for one of my dogs. They sent daily messages to let us know that things were moving along beautifully.
Our return was also enjoyable and gave us an opportunity to spend more time with our sitters. I have never seen the dogs so relaxed when we walked in the door. Typically, one of my dogs has a little separation anxiety, and I saw no indication of that. The house was spotless and more organized and tidy than the way we left it.
Always, upon returning from a trip, I have experienced concern that something has happened to the house or the dogs. That concern was non-existent from beginning to end.
I highly recommend HouseSitMexico for any of your needs, no matter the length of your trip. And really, how could you beat the price you pay for membership and nothing else! Between the site administration and the house sitters themselves, I see this service as truly professional.
Enjoy your own experience; I know I will enjoy my next one.

Pamela J Homeowner