We were very happy to have Herb and Fernando caring for our cats, the house, and the yard and potted plants. We will definitely ask them back! Jasper, Josie and Jack took to them immediately, which is not always a given. Herb sent us photo updates often, which was both fun and reassuring. They communicate well, and respond quickly.

Herb and Fernando even handled a minor catastrophe with aplomb. The balcony above the main-floor patio is surrounded by glass. For some unknown reason, one of the glass panels decided to shatter and come crashing down, spraying glass bits absolutely all over the place. No one was hurt, thankfully. They sprang into action immediately to get the glass cleaned up so that the cats could soon enjoy their outdoor space again.

Herb and Fernando are genuinely nice guys, and you’ll feel like you’ve been friends forever! As I said, we’ll be availing ourselves of their house- and cat-sitting services again.

Scott Homeowner