As we create a community of HouseSitMexico’s members, we seek to bring together honest and reliable people who come from many walks of life. Some are homeowners or renters of homes in Mexico. Others are interested in house sitting in Mexico. We believe a foundation of trust grounded in consistent expectations of host (homeowner or renter) and guest (house sitter/s) behavior is required. We’ve established these Community Standards to help guide behavior and codify the values that are at the core of our mutual-help community, and we include these standards as part of HouseSitMexico’s Terms and Conditions.

The following rules serve as an introduction to our Terms and Conditions and bear repeating here:

2. WE DO NOT VET MEMBERS (so please verify references and do your due diligence)

The following Community Standards build upon these rules and may be refined over time.

Truthfulness and Authenticity
Homeowners/renters (hosts) must not misrepresent either written or photographic information in their listings regarding pets, the home, location, responsibilities or any aspect of the house sitting assignment. Sitters (guests) must not misrepresent any information (written or photographic) they have shared either in their Profile or through any other means. This includes their identity, references, their age, location, knowledge, experience, physical capabilities, or any other type of capability.

Reliable Fulfillment of Agreement
We ask all members to faithfully fulfill and respect all the terms, requirements, and definitions of the housesitting assignment as entered into by both homeowner/renter (host) and the house sitter/s (guests). We strongly advise that every house sitting agreement have its terms memorialized in writing, however verbal agreements must be respected as well as those that are written.

Safety and Security
HouseSitMexico homeowner/renter members share their homes, furnishings, and often pets with the house sitter they select. We ask all members to respect others’ property, information, and personal belongings. All members must refrain from endangering or threatening anyone, or harming any thing. Homeowners/renters should not keep unsecured weapons, disease risks, or dangerous animals in your listing. House sitters may not bring any of these to the listing.

Bad Behavior On Any Member’s Part
Your membership at HouseSitMexico requires that you not take property that doesn’t belong to you, use someone’s property without their permission, copy others’ keys or identity documents, damage others’ property, remain in listings after a stay is concluded, or threaten anyone with bad ratings or any other penalty or harm to obtain compensation or other benefits. We also take rudeness or other forms of bad behavior by members of HouseSitMexico very seriously (whether to a fellow member, a neighbor, household employee, or any other person).

Determination as to whether a HouseSitMexico member has failed to meet any of these Community Standards, or has failed to fulfill agreements relating to a house sitting assignment, is entirely at the discretion of HouseSitMexico management, and may result in the loss of membership, as well as being blocked from future re-joining.