Experience the Sierra Madres of Durango (Car Provided)

Canatlan, Dgo, Mexico

A comfortable home on a few acres, surrounded by pastureland. Perfect for someone who enjoys peace and quiet, and being surrounded by nature. There are no other ex pats nearby. It is a good opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish language. I plan to be away for about one month.

There are two dogs that need your TLC. One is a german shepherd mix, the other a border collie mix. The cat group number is fluid. May not be an indoor cat by April, but a twice daily kibble feed outside.

The house is new, with passive solar hot water. It has a washing machine. Clothes hung out to dry are ready to bring in after two hours. A private wifi connection is available. The signal is weaker and stronger during the day. Satellite television connection is through Sky/-Vetv. There is a netflix and Amazon video account available.

The house is a two bedroom 1 1/2 bath home with large kitchen. There is a patio, where geranium plants will need watering. In the winter a free-standing wood stove takes the chill off the morning air.

There are fledgling trees that need watering, and constant monitoring for ants, which are a plague to the gardens and orchards.

The house is just north of a tiny village, El Pozole, and about five miles north of a town, Canatlan. All of this is about an hour north of the city of Durango.

The car available to you is a 2014 RAV4.

The location is good for a self-sufficient couple who enjoys solitude and a quiet pastoral lifestyle. The valley is narrow, the movement of the sun across the hills to the east and west is always photogenic. The altitude is 6,000 feet. The nights are cool, the days in April not over 80s. Low humidity. The house is always cool, refreshing after being outside. There are horse farms nearby, and the possibility of arranging rentals for the day.

This is the Durango of the western movies I watched when I was a kid. The badlands where the bad guys hid out. Closer to the City of Durango, there still stands a movie set of an old western town built by John Wayne, who owned acreage here.

Pets. The German Shepherd is mature, mellow, docile. He is about 4 years old. The border collie is slightly older, I presume. He was a stray. He is rather emotional and temperamental. wishing only to please. They live outside and roam freely, though mostly sleep under the car.


Feed the dogs twice a day.  This includes buying and cooking meat for the afternoon meal, kibble for the breakfast.  The dogs live outside.

Put out kibble for the stray cats outside, twice a day.

Watering the plants.  There are 14 young peach trees in a small orchard.  The other trees are more spread out.  Some have hoses ready for opening; others need hoses to be moved.

Daily checks for ants is necessary for the trees.  Non toxic poison is available to be applied.

There are geraniums in pots needing weekly watering, outside on the patio.

General maintenance and upkeep of the house.

I may have started a small vegetable garden by then.


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April 05 2022 to April 29 2022
Animal care required: Yes
  • Cat/s
  • Dog/s
  • Medium term (15 - 60 days)