Spend Thanksgiving in Ajijic With Our Three Tiny Dogs

Ajijic, Jal, Mexico

Spend Thanksgiving in beautiful Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. Our travel dates are tentative because we haven't booked our flights yet, but we plan to travel early in the week before Thanksgiving and return toward the end of the week of December 6.

You will be sharing the house with and looking after our three small dogs: Eddie is a 13 year old, 11-lb miniature pinscher, Daisy is an 11 year old, 9-lb chihuahua/Maltese mix, and Tina is an 8 year old, 6-lb chihuahua/xolo mix. They are quirky and full of personality, and are overall fairly easy to care for. We will need you to arrive one or two days before we leave so that you can learn the dogs' routines, and you are welcome to stay for an additional day or two after we return if necessary.

Our house is located in Ajijic Village directly on the bus route between Chapala and Jocotepec, 1/2 mile from the Ajiic malécon (boardwalk) and 3/4 mile from Ajijic centro. We are within walking distance of several restaurants and bars, and if you enjoy shopping you will find many stores in our neighborhood and in Ajijic centro; you can also check out the tianguis (farmer's market) on Wednesday and the organic market on Tuesday.

In our house you will have access to three outdoor living spaces, our guest bedroom, two full bathrooms, a sitting room, TV room, and our well-equipped kitchen. We also have a washer and dryer that you are welcome to use during your stay. We have installed a whole-house water filtration system so you can safely drink the tap water, but we also will provide bottled water that you are welcome to drink. We have reliable fiber optic internet and WiFi. This is a quiet neighborhood and there is plenty of safe on-street parking for your car, and our house cleaner comes once a week.

There's so much to see and do in the area - restaurants, shopping, day trips, spas - we have put together a "visitor's guide" that we will leave to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

A quick note about the photos in this listing: At the time I am writing this, we are in the middle of a major home renovation; we are building a mirador (roof deck) so you will have a view of the lake and mountains, and are doing some additional work on the house including upgrading the electrical and plumbing systems. The renovation will be completed well before we travel, but the photos that I've included were taken pre-construction so things will look somewhat different when you arrive. When the construction is finished I will share post-renovation photos so you can see the entire house before you arrive!



You will be sharing the house with and looking after our three small dogs. We will give you detailed information about each of the dogs when you get here, but for now now I will introduce you to them.

Eddie  is a 13 year old, 11-lb miniature pinscher. He is reserved but will warm up to you. His favorite thing is to be snuggled up on your lap or between two people on the couch. He is going blind in his right eye and gets startled if you approach him from that side. He loves to sleep in bed with you or on a dog bed in the same room. He uses the doggie door and goes in and out whenever he wants to. He is only occasionally interested in playing, but he sure does love sleeping and snuggling, and will fall asleep in your arms in minutes! He takes two medications (pills) with peanut butter every morning with breakfast.

Daisy is an 11 year old, 9-lb chihuahua/Maltese mix. She occasionally likes to play with a squeaky toy or a ball, and will bring a toy to you when she wants to play. She is usually rather aloof and is not interested in being petted unless she specifically asks for it; the exception is if there is thunder or cojetes (fireworks) - she is terrified of the booms and will come to you for reassurance. She sleeps in her crate in the bedroom every night and is very happy there; you should leave her crate open during the day because she likes to go in there when she needs a break. At the time I'm writing this she hasn't figured out how to use the newly installed doggie door so you'll need to open the front door for her when she needs to go out to the garden. She takes one chewy supplement every morning with breakfast.

Tina is an 8 year old, 6-lb chihuahua/xolo mix. She is friendly, social, and loves everyone! She loves to be picked up, petted, and snuggled, and will jump into your lap as soon as you sit down. She loves to sleep in bed with you or will sleep on a dog bed in the same room. She likes to play - especially at bedtime - and will often amuse herself with a ball or toy. Like Daisy, Tina is terrified of thunder and cojetes. And also like Daisy, at the time I'm writing this Tina hasn't figured out how to use the doggie door so you'll need to open the door for her when she needs to go out.

You will be responsible for feeding the dogs each morning and evening, giving Eddie and Daisy their medications with breakfast every morning, and taking them on a short (10-15 minute) walk each night before bed. When you leave the house you should bring all three dogs outside ... Eddie will eventually go back inside through the doggie door, but Daisy and Tina will stay outside.

Eddie and Tina are runners so it's VERY IMPORTANT that you don't let them out of the enclosed yard without a leash!


We will provide you with keys to our house and coachera (garage door). You will be responsible for keeping the house and coachera securely locked at all times.

Our house cleaner comes every Friday from 9am-2pm and does all the normal cleaning you would expect; you will be responsible for your laundry and washing/putting away your dishes, but she does almost everything else.

There are a few plants that will need watering; I will leave you a watering schedule and go over it with you in person when you arrive. You can plan on this taking about half an hour to an hour per week.

Garbage is picked up every day, Monday through Saturday, usually before noon; if the trash needs to go out, just put it out in the morning so that critters don't get into it overnight.


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November 21 2021 to December 10 2021
Animal care required: Yes
  • Dog/s
  • Medium term (15 - 60 days)