Lg Home w Gym, Internet, A/C Off-Grid in the Jungle & 4 Happy Dogs

Puerto Morelos, QR, Mexico

We have a spacious 4 bedroom house with an apartment on one side of the house and a gym on the other. Our house is set in 11 acres of untouched jungle 26 km outside of Puerto Morelos (colectivo's drive past every hour going to Puerto Morelos or Leona Vicario 12 kms away).  We live comfortably off grid with 12 solar panels and 4 very large batteries and a waterwell which has an electrical pump taking water to the roof.  We have excellent ceiling fans and a/c in all rooms available.  We are not connected to CFE (the power company in Mexico), which means our routine is different to those houses connected to CFE.

We have 4 rescue dogs who are all pretty young in age and spend most of the day outside. They come in when it rains and at night to sleep in their beds. One of our dogs is deaf and a little nervous of new people so she would need someone who is patient and willing to give her time to adjust but none of our dogs are aggressive.  They all get walked twice a day around our perimeter and the land is completely fenced in and secured by two gates, one leading from the road and the other 100 meters into our land where the house is not visible from the road.

We have amazing internet with Starlink and run our own online business with no issues. We are happy for house sitters to come before we leave and stay in our apartment so to get to know the dogs and get used to the daily routine. At the front of the house, we like to take care of the land where we have papaya trees, banana trees, coconut trees, lime trees, chilli plant and lots of other local plants, most that don't need water every day.

We travel into Puerto Morelos every week, by collectivo it's 35 pesos each way, to take advantage of the beautiful beach and eat some great food at the many different restaurants there. Along our road are many cenotes, adventure centres and wildlife hotspots for those interested in bird watching or seeing the animals of the jungle.


We are very house proud so our home is clean and tidy. We expect the same standard of cleanliness from our house sitters throughout their stay. We have 12 solar panels so we bring in a good amount of power. Our system has an app where you can keep an eye on the percentage of solar power you have. Generally, you have to use the air conditioning during the afternoon which is lovely and our batteries have enough power stored to run 2 bedroom air conditioning units and fans during the night. During the day, we air the house by opening all the windows and shutting all the mosquito nets when not using a/c.

Our dogs have a routine of walks in the morning, first thing and then breakfast. The rest of the day is theirs until another walk around 5pm followed by dinner. They all love their food so treats are great for recall or to bring them in at night, they generally do this without hesitation.

We'd prefer no guests at the house during your stay as we are private people and no parties. There is much to see in Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Playa Del Carmen so we'd like house sitters that are thoughtful towards the dogs, not staying in all day, every day but if you want to have an excursion of some sort, to plan this every other day so the dogs have some company.

We have a biodigestor which is where all our waste water goes from toilets, showers and sinks. We have a big system which takes care of itself although, if there is a heavy downpour, may need some attention which we can explain to you on arrival.

If it is dry, we'd appreciate some plants being watered. Again we can discuss this on arrival.


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July 26 2024 to August 24 2024
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